Guest Speakers

Revival Healing Services
with Evangelist Rev Melvin Banks
Wednesday 5th May 7.30 pm at Town Hall, Castle Street, Beaumaris
Thursday 6th May 7.30 pm at Oasis Church, Margaret Street, Beaumaris wth Free Buffet Supper

Rev Melvin Banks has been conducting crusades for over 49 years. He is in great demand we believe God has guided him to Beaumaris to take these meetings. His evangelistic healing meetings have drawn thousands in many countries. In some meetings as many as 60% claim to have received complete healing. Rev Banks disclaims any healing powers for himself, he says, 'I am not the healer - JESUS IS THE SAVIOUR AND HEALER'. He has been featured on national television, local radio and national and provincial press. He has written 40 books on healing, overcoming stress, how to keep in good health and miracles today. One of his books, 'The Greatest Miracles the World has ever Seen' tells of his imprisonment in an Islamic country for winning so many Moslems for Christ. He tells how he was able to walk out of the prison through locked doors, prison walls and escape to his plane. Many renowned church leaders highly commens his ministry including Canon Malcom Widdecombe and Dr David Yongi Cho, formerly pastor of worlds largest church in Seoul, South Korea.

There is limited seating - to reserve seats e mail giving name and telephone number

Melvin Banks




Wednesday 17th February 7.30 pm hosted by Oasis Church at Capel Drindod, Chapel Street, Beaumaris

We regurlarly invite guest speakers during our sunday morning service,

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